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Robotic Cells

Industrial Tool & Die builds robotic cells to perform a variety of functions including parts transferring, material handling, headrest production, resistance welding, and clip assembly.  Our robotic cells offer increased flexibility, such as being able to run families of parts in a single machine as well as the ability to add additional parts or operations to the cell in the future.  We are an authorized Fanuc Robotics integrator.   The below pictures are robotic cells that we have built.  Please contact us for more information regarding our robotic cells.

CAD-generated solid model of a robotic mat assembly cell.  The cell features a six-station index dial.  All components of the mat assembly are automatically dispensed into the transfer dial.  Three clip guns are mounted to the robot to assemble the mat.  The completed mat assembly is vision-inspected before exiting the cell.  Production rate of 500 parts per hour.

Robotic cell to form, broach, and post-form car seat headrests.  The cell is loaded with precut tubes.  The tubes are formed using a servo-controlled bending unit with integrated laser correction.  The laser correction system insures that each formed tube is to specification before continuing through the cell.  The robot transfers the formed tube into a broach station, where notches are broached into the headrest legs.  The robot then transfers the tube into a press station, where the tube is post-formed.  Last, the robot removes the completed headrest from the cell.  Production rate of 275 parts per hour. Click the above picture to see video of this machine.


Dual robot basket frame cell.  The cell feeds rectangular frames thru a crosswire welder, where two crosswires are welded into the frame at programmable positions.  The robot then transfers the frame into a trimmer, where excess crosswire length is trimmed.  The robot then transfers the welded frame to a transfer nest.  From the transfer nest, the second robot places the frame into a press.  After the press operation, the second robot transfers the frame into a welder to complete the part.  Production rate of 275 parts per hour.

Full frame bender/buttwelder with robotic transfer into a form press.  The cell is loaded with precut wires.  A hopper dispenses the wires into a fully adjustable frame bender/welder.  After the bend/weld operations, the robot transfers the formed and welded frame into a press for a post-form operation.  The robot then transfers the completed part into the customerís piece of equipment for final assembly.  Production rate is 275 parts per hour.