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Wire Machines

Industrial Tool & Die builds wire machines to perform a variety of functions including wire forming, wire welding, and clip/pushpin installation.  The below pictures are machines that we have built.  Please contact us for more information regarding our wire machinery.

CAD-generated solid model of a typical wire forming machine

Typical wire forming machine featuring bend slides and a hopper to dispense cut-to-length wires

Fully adjustable, dial-transferred, sinuous wire forming machine with integrated resistance stress relief.    Average production rate of 750 parts per hour.  Click the above picture to see video of this machine.

Dedicated, pick-and-place transferred machine to form wire frame, buttweld, and install plastic clips prior to ejection.  Average production rate of 320 parts per hour.  Click the above picture to see video of this machine.

Fully adjustable rectangular frame machine.  Machine can be adjusted to bend frames from 11 inches square to 30 x 36, utilizing wire diameters from 3/16 to 3/8.  Includes concurrent buttweld operation before ejecting finished part.  Production rates up to 700 parts per hour.

Fully adjustable, walking beam transferred machine.  The first station forms and buttwelds a rectangular frame.  The second station transfers the frame to a T-welder where up to two reinforcement bars can be welded into the frame, producing an oven rack.  Average production rate of 500 parts per hour.